The shop carries a full line of body jewelry, ranging from ears, navels, lips, eyebrows, septum and nostril, dermal anchors, genitalia rings and barbells as well as specialty pieces like nipple shields and unique industrial barbells for the upper ear and triple helix trios. For stretching ears we have eyelets, plugs, tapers and talons ranging in size from 12 gauge all the way up to 2 and a half inches. Jane will custom order jewelry for clients with a deposit made on the request and also fits pieces to the customer’s body size. She has a fun assortment of custom handcrafted jewelry for different body parts, including special charms for navel jewelry with popular features like cancer ribbons, Hello Kitty and tractors.

The shop offers some limited jewelry repair work so if you’re having a problem with your jewelry, stop in and she can see what may be done for it.

Prices range from $3 for nostril and lip retainers up to $10-20 for a set of most plugs with organic plugs at $30 for a set. We carry 14 carat gold nose pieces in the $30 range.